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Birthday Celebration by Five Daughters

Birthday Celebration by Five Daughters

Staff: Playwright: Gu Xidong
Director: Zhang Junsheng (Executive), Yu Airu, Wang Shiju
Music Composer: Fan Runhe, He Zhiwei
Stage Art Designer: Luo Zhimo
Costume Designer: Yu Fang
Makeup Designer: Lan Ling
Cast: Kong Liping Lou Yali Zhang Yu Zhou Yingping Cai Zhefei Xiong Qi Zhang Shuna Zhou Yan Li Youyou Wei Chunfang Yin Huili Jiang Linjing Sun Li Shi Xiaoqun Gong Li Zhu Danping Xu Yena Xu Guofan



In the period under Jiajing Reign, Ming Dynasty, Yang Jikang, assistant chief of the Ministry of Revenue dissatisfied with Yan Song's autocratic action, so he planned to resign from the office and return to his hometown. In his 60th birthday, all his daughters and sons-in-law came to see him and celebrate his birthday, and welcomed the old parents to live with them in the later years. The third daughter Yang Sanchun and her husband Zhou Yinglong, the poverty-striken couple was coldly received in the celebration. The second daughter Shuang Tao bullied Sanchun Couple in the mother's favor, and asked her mother to drive them away.

The plan of killing treacherous court officials made by Yang Jikang's brother, Yang Jisheng failed, Yang Jisheng was punished to death. Due to the kinship with Yang Jisheng, Yang Jikang was reduced in rank, the property was confiscated, the family was driven out of the capital. At the moment, the family members fled, only the maid Cui Yun companied with the old people. They decided to travel a long distance to come to the relatives for help. Unexpectedly, the second daughter Shuangtao refused to care of the old parents. Chen Songnian, the classmate and the relative by marriage, feared about the vicious power of Yan Song, so he dare not receive them. In order to make a rapid advance in his career, the eldest son-in-law took Yan Song as the adoptive father.

Yang Jikang couple and Cui Yun ended up on the street, homeless. Yang Sanchun came across them and took them home. The daughter's good attendance made the old couple very warm in the heart.

Three years later, the third son-in-law Zhou Yinglong was promoted to be a high official. He contrived a scheme to pull Yan Song down, the wrong doing to Yang was righted.It was the 60th birthday of Mrs. Yang, all the sons-in-law came for the celebration, the old couple ejected the eldest son-in-law from the home. When seeing the parents adopt Cui Yun as a daughter, the mercenary daughter Shuangtao felt shame for what she had done to her parents, then left. Chen Songnian also came to apologize for his behaviour.

After the Yang's experienced ups and downs,a touching and happy scene appeared. It means that:
People feel warm after suffering cold,
Good quality can be shown in difficulties.
Everyone enjoys happiness in the hall,
The old and young are joyous and smile.