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the Story of Shunkin

 the Story of Shunkin

Staff: Supervisor: Qi Youwei, Zhao Heping, Mao Weitao
Playwright: Cao Lusheng
Director: Guo Xiaonan
Music Designer: Wu Xiaoping, Liu Jiankuan
Vocal Music Designer: Hu Mengqiao
Stage Art Designer: Liu Xinlin
Lighting Designer: Xiao Lihe
Costume Designer: W
Cast: Cai Zhefei Zhang Yiqing Lou Yali Zhou Yan Li Xiaowen Sun Li Actors in Troupe



Shunkin, daughter of an apothecary in Osaka, is young and beautiful but blind. She is very bright and talented with good skills for playing musical instrument. However, she is so ill tempered that her neighbors kept away from her, only her servant Sasuke’s company.

Sasuke is not only adoring Shunkin’s beauty, but also admiring her playing skills. Although servant in low social standing cannot equally talk to the noble lady, Sasuke seeks the chances to practice playing the musical instrument secretly to become the soul mate of Shunkin.

Under the persuasion of parents, Shunkin takes Sasuke as her apprentice. Their feelings have changed during the process of teaching and practicing the musical instrument. Kikitarou, son of a wealthy family, was amazed by Shunkin’s beauty; he proposed a marriage alliance but with a firm rejection, therefore, he harbored a deep resentment against it.

Shunkin and Sasuke keep the relation of master and apprentice when facing other people, but secretly they are congenial companion in all but name. For the love that cannot be understood by people, they had to bear pain to give up their child.

Suffering a fall in the family, Shunkin sets up her own home, and lives on taking apprentices. Kikitarou became Shunkin’s apprentice as he wished. One day, Kikitarou invites Shunkin to visit garden and enjoy flowers with malice aforethought, but meets with severe rejection once more. Kikitarou intentionally provoked incidents with jealousy.

Shunkin was driven to despair after she was disfigured. In order to come into Shunkin’s inner world, Sasuke punctured his eyes with hairpin. In a snowing night, flowers are withered; only the music played by Shunkin and Sasuke is lingering in the ears.