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the Tale of the Ancient Book Collector

the Tale of the Ancient Book Collector

Staff: Supervisor: Mao Weitao
Playwright: Wang Xufeng
Vocal Music Designer: Hu Mengqiao
Music Designer: Weng Chigeng, Liu Jiankuan
Stage Art Designer: Huang Haiwei
Lighting Designer: Yao Zhaoyu
Costume Designer: Wang Qiuping
Makeup Designer: Lan Ling
Cast: Mao Weitao Chen Huiling Hong Ying Dong Kedi Zhu Danping Sun Li Chen Yina Performer of the Troupe



The drama is created on the background of Tianyi Pavilion, Ningbo. Through the fictional characters and plot, the spirit of ancient book collector can be shown vividly.

It happened in the late Ming Dynasty. As it was the time to get married, the eldest son of Fan’s family didn’t arrive home yet. The aunt Cishu asked the second son Fan Rong to replace his brother to marry Hua Rujian the girl from a rich family. Fan Rong refused to do it, and studied in the backyard alone. The thinker Li Zhi was the spiritual master to Fan Rong. Twenty years ago, “Collecting Books” wrote by Li Zhi was collected in Tianyi Pavilion, the other book “Burning Books” was not found, so Fan Rong always put it in his mind.

Due to long-time admiration to Tianyi Pavilion, Hua Rujian agreed to marry Fan’s son. However, her dream of reading books in the pavilion was hard to come true.

Magistrate Sun, an old friend of Hua’s came to visit Fan Rong and told that he can help him to get “Burning Books” wrote by Li Zhi, but he should pay 100000 Liang silver for it. The Fan’s was in trouble for raising the money. Fan Rong suffered a lot in the difficulties, And Cishu died in an accident.

When hearing that Fan Qian had died for the country, Hua Rujian decided to return her home. But she found the only way to enter the pavilion was to remarry to the son. Fan Rong disagreed about it……