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the Story of Lute

the Story of Lute

Staff: Playwright: Guo Hancheng, Tan Zhixiang
Director: Yang Xiaoqing
Music Composer: Hu Mengqiao, Chen Guoliang
Stage Art Designer: He Lipei
Lighting Designer: Zhou Zhengping
Costume Designer: Yu Fang
Makeup Designer: Guo Min
Prop Designer: Lian Cheng
Cast: Hong Ying Xu Aiwu Jiang Yao Chen Yina Huang Yiqun Xu Guofang Wu Chunyan Zhu Danping Wang Yuyan



Beautiful and virtuous Zhao Wuniang had to part from her husband after two months of marriage.

Cai Bojie left home for the imperial examination and didn't return,plus the serious drought in the hometown for three years, so Zhao Wuniang had to undertake the burden of life and attend upon the parents of her husband with delicious food and tea, while she herself ate the bran to keep off the hunger. Although helped by the warmhearted neighbor Zhang Dagong, the old parents-in-law, due to missing their son so much and no enough food and clothes, finally died from cold and hunger. Zhao Wuniang cut her hair and sold it to raise the money. She carried the earth with her skirt, built the grave and buried them. Later, To find her husband, Zhao Wuniang played the lute and begged for living. She experienced a lot of difficulties, but the future was still not clear……

Cai Bojie went smoothly in the examination. He not only ranked first in the exam, but also was asked to be the daughter-in-law by the prime minister. Though the daughter of the prime minster was so tender and pretty, Cai Bojie can not fall in love with her. He wanted to return home, but the plan was rejected by Prime Minister Niu. Cai Bojie fell into the trouble deeply.

Although the kind-hearted Niu married to a good husband, she didn’t get the true love from her husband. When seeing the husband unhappy every day, she took every effort to console him but in vain due to not knowing why. Niu also fell into the depression.

At last, Zhao Wuniang entered the house of Prime Minister Niu and took all efforts to meet her husband, Cai Bojie admitted the relationship with his wife. For this action, the emperor highly appreciated the couple. It seemed to have a perfect end. However, in their hearts, Zhao Wuniang, Cai Bojie and Ms. Niu had complex feelings of depression and disappointment……The story shows us a real tragedy of reunion! So deep, sad and moving.