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the Romance of West Chamber

the Romance of West Chamber

Staff: Author of Original Work: Wang Shipu (Yuan Dynasty)
Adapter: Zeng Zhaohong
Art Director: Jin Baohua
Director: Yang Xiaoqing
Music Composer: Gu Dachang, Hu Mengqiao
Vocal Music Director: Yin Xiaofang
Stage Art Designer: Lou Zhimo
Lighting Designer: Z
Cast: Mao Weitao Yan Jia Chen Huiling Dong Kedi Wu Chunyan Shao Yan Zhu Danping Sun Li Performers of the Troupe Wan Binmei



Zhang Gong, a scholar from Xiluo, fell in love at first sight with Ying Ying, daughter of Prime Minister Cui when visiting Pujiu Temple on the way to the examination place. By taking the excuse of praying for the dead parents, on the rite that Ms.Cui prayed for the prime minister, Zhang Gong met Ying Ying again and adored her very much. As the living room was near to Ying Ying's, on the moonlight night, By taking the chance that Ying Ying went out of the room to burn joss sticks, Zhang Gong and Ying Ying sang the poems to express their feelings. The bandit Sun Fei led his troop to siege the temple aiming to taking Ying Ying away and forcing her to be his wife. Mrs. Cui had no choice but announced that whoever can defeat the bandits can marry Ying Ying. Zhang Gong stood up and volunteered to help. He made a plan and asked General Bai Ma to save them. Later, Mrs. Cui broke off the engagement. Zhang Gong was lovesick, the servant girl Hong Niang helped the lovers to send the letters. After many difficulties, Zhang Gong and Ying Ying got the chance to meet.

Mrs. Cui suspected Ying Ying's virginity. She asked Hong Niang about the matter. When Hong Niang told the truth, the old lady fell into a rage. Thanks to the good interpretation,the old lady finally agreed it. She promised him to allow her daughter to marry him when he passed the imperial examination. In the departure, Ying Ying reminded Zhang Gong that the fame and wealth was like a dream, the honor of the rank should not be taken seriously, and hoped to return soon.......Then Zhang Gong left.