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Lu You and Tang Wan

 Lu You and Tang Wan

Staff: General Supervisor: Wu Tianxing
Supervisor: Mao Weitao
Playwright: Gu Xidong
Director: Yang Xiaoqing
Vocal Music Designer: Hu Mengqiao
Music Composer: Gu Dachang, Wu Xiaoping (special invited)
Instrumental Designer: Zhao Zhenfang (special invited)
Cast: Mao Weitao Chen Huiling Hong Ying Dong Kedi Shao Yan Wu Chunyan Jiang Yao Yu Huizhen Zhu Danping Xiong Qi



Lu You, great poet in Southern Song Dynasty, hated Qin Hui for his wrong doings and jealousy to talent people. The ambition of recapturing the central plains not realized, Lu You visited Shen Garden in spring, and discussed the plan with his dear wife Tang Wan about meeting the loyal people in Fujian.

The mother of Lu You loved his son so much and acted arbitrarily. She was against the long travel and rebuked her daughter-in-law sharply for her violation. The mother sent a letter to the nephew Lu Zhonggao who just got the promotion as the chief of Rites and Ceremonies Department, wanting him to make the future plan for Lu You. Due to Lu Zhongbo being the bootlicker to the bigwigs, Lu You disdained him and wrote a poem against him, which made Lu Zhonggao fall into a great rage, the feast ended unhappily. The mother was so angry that she forced Lu You to end the marriage with his wife. The situation was so bad. Considering that Tang Wan was totally innocent, the father Lu Zai suggested Lu You to let his wife stay in the small red building.

In late autumn, Tang Wan stayed alone in the red building in despair, she feared that Lu You would be put into trouble and asked him to let her go. Due to the sincere love to his wife, Lu You determined to invite the father-in-law Tang Zhongjun to come for the mediation. Out of the expectation, the mediation failed, the tie between the two families broke up. When Lu You arrived, there was nobody left. Owing to the internal and external difficulties, Lu You asked the flower girl San Niang to send Tang Wan a letter and make the commitment for three years.

Three years later, when Lu You returned Shen Garden from Fujian, to his surprise, Tang Wan remarried to Zhao Shicheng. Lu You can not say any word when meeting Tang Wan. So indignant, he wrote "Cai Tou Feng" on the wall, Tang Wan finished it with him. The eternal love lived long in Shen Garden.