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Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Arts Center (preparation) opposite to Dragon Hotel and World Trade Center in Shuguang Road, Hangzhou, includes a grand theatre with 800 seats, a classic VIP theatre with 200 seats, a black box theatre with 280 seats, an exhibition hall, a comprehensive office building, the building for commercial operating and property management, garage and other major facilities. With the reference to Takarazuka Kagekidan, one of the top 4 performing troupe in Japan, the center will set the cultural undertakings as the substantial industry to run, and make “the stage plays in consumption times” succeed. Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Arts Center will be built as an international stage art center, Yue Opera performance to be the first priority. The center sets self-dependant brands as the core, combines the public benefit, Chinese culture promotion, art creation, international exchange, academic forum and business practice together, integrates drama production and theater performance as a whole, and develops the related derived products. The center explores a new road for the systematic construction of cultural market and establishes a creative cultural industrial chain of “Xiaobaihua” having a sustainable development.