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I have told the press many times about my dream when I first started this career. The dream is to let the audience listen to my songs by Zhejiang Radio Station. When I think about it, not only does it remind me of the fearlessness in my youth but also the mainstream broadcasting channel at that time can be known.
Like other art forms, the traditional opera must find the effective way to develop and realize the value. Even the traditional opera goes better. In the earliest period, actors made performances to the audience face to face on the ancient elegant stage. However, in the modern times, the channels can be phonorecords, radio stations, CD, cassettes and films.Through a certain channel, every piece of music, every famous artist and every drama is very familiar to the audience .
Nowdays, by combining this advantage with new media, is it possible for the traditional opera to enter "the mainstream"? "Better to return home and make a net than long for fish by the waterside". The Internet can be another platform to provide the opportunities----it can show the information, interact with audience and realize the dreams we can not fulfill on the stage.
Yue opera is a young art form. It is the best time for the opera to welcome all. "Xiaobaihua" grows with the young art in a quarter of the long splendid history. We have many stories behind the screen to tell you. The unpredictable future is waiting for all of us to create.
I wish here could be the home of all the Yue opera-lovers.

Director of Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe
Mao Weitao